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How much does training cost?

Private Lessons are $60 each.

Residency Programs range from $350-$850.

A free evaluation must be conducted prior to signing up for any training program.

Why do I have to do an evaluation?

Evaluations are required for the trainer to get to know you and your dog prior to training. The evaluation helps determine which training options will fit you and your dog best.

Do you have breed restrictions?

All breeds are welcome!

Where are you located?

Professional Pups is located at 5957 Haughn Rd. in Grove City, Ohio. Our door is located around the left side of the building. You will see the Professional Pups logo on our door.

What are your hours?

All evaluations and lessons are scheduled by appointment only. Professional Pups can generally do meetings Monday-Thursday 10:30am-7pm and Sunday 9am-3pm. 

What is your training technique?

Professional Pups uses the balanced training technique. This involves the use of a reward (praise - no treats), motivation, and corrections (training collar, prong collar, or E-Collar). This is the technique used by the service dog community and for other working dogs.

Do you live at the training facility?

The trainer does not live at the Professional Pups facility but the building has other occupants. Professional Pups uses ADT security.

How often is my dog out during a Residency Program?

Professional Pups performs 4-5 training sessions with dogs per day as well as at least 6 bathroom breaks including 2 longer walks.

Will my dog play with other dogs during a Residency Program?

Typically no. Your dog is learning commands in a very short amount of time. The trainer will focus on teaching commands and adding distractions first before allowing playtime. Also, Professional Pups does not only work with friendly dogs.  

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